Ursuline College Stream Rehabilitation and Bioretention Cell

The Ursuline College campus contains a tributary that has been impacted by channelization, riparian vegetation removal, and stormwater flows. The college wanted to restore a portion of the stream, and treat stormwater runoff from the adjacent parking area with a bioretention cell. The stream restoration involved the removal of spoil piles from the stream’s flood plain to improve flood plain access, stabilizing eroding stream banks and establishing native woody vegetation within the riparian corridor of the stream.

Stormwater runoff from the adjacent parking lot enters the bioretention cell through 12 cuts in an existing curb, then is pretreated in an adjacent stone level spreader and sod filter strip. The soil mix and native plantings in the bioretention cell absorb a portion of the excess nutrients, hydrocarbons and herbicides that are carried by stormwater runoff. 1,450 native grass and wildflower plugs were planted in the cell in 2014.