B'nai Jeshurun Linden Courtyard

The B'nai Jeshurun Linden Courtyard is a 0.8 million-dollar renovation of an existing auto-court/drop-off courtyard for B’nai Jeshurun.  The original courtyard consisted of 40-year old crabapple trees, degraded concrete pavement and corroding concrete bollards that needed to be completely replaced .  The new courtyard includes:

  • Existing Menorah Sculpture & Japanese Maple: New planting beds surround the Menorah Sculpture and the preserved Japanese Maple. These new planting areas were formerly 100% concrete pavement.

  • Auto-Court/Drop-off: A new canopy was added to allow visitors protection from the weather, upon arrival. New bollards were added to provide safety, separating visitors from vehicular traffic.

  • “River Jordan”: A sculptural fountain that combines vegetation, water and stone, providing an artistic and visual indicator of the entrance to the synagogue. The ‘river’ disappears into a dry riverbed of stone, concealing an underground reservoir and pumping system.

  • Ceremonial Courtyard: 16,100 S.F. of permeable pavement, includes a Bima as well as numerous benches, trees and open space for informal gatherings and outdoor learning.

  • Bima:  An outdoor space allowing for outdoor religious services, life-cycle events, concerts and other gatherings, featuring a movable Ark, pulpit and Torah reading table.

  • Sculpture Garden:  Featuring trees, shrubs and flowers, as well as benches and a sculpture, this space provides a place for tranquility and spiritual contemplation. This portion of the courtyard pavement fades into the lawn, blending landscape with the hardscape. 

  • Awards:  43rd Annual Landscape Awards Program of the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association features B'nai Jeshurun Linden Courtyard as their Grand Award Recipient.