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Village Gate

The Village Gate development is a 208-acre, 76 lot, low impact residential community development designed and engineered to preserve large amounts of uplands and wetlands in protected open space zones.  Our non-traditional land plan for this rural open space community incorporated many conservation development principles. Under the current zoning, we created a yield plan to serve as the approximate density basis for the project. In order to achieve the desired density and maximize the amount of open space, quarter acre lots were used.  Building setbacks were modified from the original zoning to allow houses to be closer together and to be placed on smaller lots. As a result, over eighty percent of the site, approximately 180 acres, remained as open space, and will be protected through the use of conservation easements and deed restrictions.  Through careful site planning and key partnerships, Village Gate has the potential to become a model community for all developers seeking to create environmentally sensitive developments that preserve large amounts of open space and enhance existing natural features. 

(2006 Smart Growth Association Award - Single Family Residential)